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Place your Infographic on an Average of 700+ trusted media sites

Do you think, you are following the right way to reach out to a target audience? Are your marketing strategies giving the desired results? Following the updates in Google algorithms, the concept of marketing is totally changed and many of the popular old shool methods are not giving any good results. Today, while visual representations are a buzz word in the world of internet marketing, infographics are the most powerful tools to make the lasting effect on your customers. In the first place, it grabs eyeballs almost instantly and at the same time communicate your story.

At Pixelzznet, we give life to your business ideas. We distribute compelling infographics on quality sites in minutes so that you could influence your target audience and transform them into successful leads. Submitting infographics to high-traffic directories for review is one of the widely followed SEO tactics in recent times and we do it with utmost dexterity.

Use Pixxelznet’s infographic distribution services and you will:

  • Generate an average of 700+ online placements per infographic.
  • You are guaranteed at least 500 placements and a site audience of 15 million.
  • Drive media placement on trusted news and special-interest sites.
  • Achieve fast, easy turnaround: Your infographic is distributed within 24 hours.
  • Benefit from social media promotion of your infographic (included with distribution).
  • Leverage Brandpoint’s detailed, 24/7 reporting that includes placement lists and geographic distribution map.
  • Work with the industry’s distribution leader (we’ve been at it since 1996).

But, unlike the random service providers, Pixxelznet has a different approach. So, instead of simply placing it on the traffic generating sites, we try to create it compelling in every possible way. We give it a text introduction, keeping the point of “shareability” in mind. In short, we are always a step further in terms of innovation and the result is you get a guaranteed results within a stipulated time frame.

Apart from promoting it to the leading directories, we also post it to high-quality blogs and other websites as a piece of fresh content they can publish. We are not concerned about posting thousands of pictorial graphs and charts in the directories. Rather, we take the current industry trends into account and accordingly try to source information that people want to know about. Presenting it in a graphical form is our forte and we share it across multiple mediums that might reap instant results.

Check out our portfolio to have a fair idea about the infographic distribution service we offer.