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Website Migration

Avail website migration services to make a difference to your online portal

Sometimes it is important to modify an old website and upgrade it to the latest firmware which makes the website easily navigable and also speedy. It would lead you to move on to a better platform. Such websites allow users to post blog posts and make changes within the website easily. Your SEO could be even stronger because of various updated plug-ins. Some other reasons of website migration could also include wanting to change the overall look and presentation of your website, which makes a lot of sense because it helps you choose a wide array of templates which either are free or paid. But before making a website move, you should be aware of the fact that you are about to change the entire structure of your website which might affect the internet users positively or negatively. That is why; to cut down the risks, we at are here at your rescue to assist you with website migration services.

The crew of has SEO experts on board who are well versed with the techniques of website migration and other aspects including how the internet actually works, they understand the concept of search engines and even the effects of making changes. They strongly understand the importance of using links and keywords which are present on your websites. They analyse the entire website thoroughly before making a move to website migration. There are millions of websites on World Wide Web. We make sure that you get an edge in those million websites so that your website just does not get lost unlike others.

With strong tools and latest technology firmware, we offer effective website migration services. Our team of SEO experts will help you restructure your website, modify it and completely take it to a higher level of firmware which would be beneficial to you and your company. You could attract more customers as compared to before. Using strong presentation skills in migrating and moving the website to an updated level will help you withstand the competition and sustain in the competitive world which is the very objective of our, existence.

Website Migration process

Scheduling the Migration

We suggest that you find out what is the time when your website has the lowest traffic. Depending upon that, we would ask you to schedule your site migration. We ensure that your clientele and your visitors are duly informed and hence do not face any inconvenience. We also help you to find the best suitable time to carry out the task.

Back up and Carry out migration

We backup the website and the database before we start to move all the data. Once it is done we re-upload the website and establish the connections and set up appropriate control panel.


When your website is up and running, we test it for any inconsistency or errors. We ensure that all content and data are in place. We test that all the functionalities are restored and are working seamlessly.

Our technical experts make sure that the website shifting is fast and you do not lose significant amount of time due this. We make this shift easy and painless for you.